Inspirational Book: "PETALOS ~ PETALS"

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Raise your soul to a higher level of consciousness.


After many years of hard work and a lot of insight and thoughtfulness, it has manifested into its beautiful form. It conveys a deep and powerful message that is very up lifting. It touches the heart and raises the soul to a higher new level of consciousness and inner freedom. It is in English and Spanish for your enjoyment. Thanks so much. 

Cost per Book: $ 27.77

Helping you find your true self

in a loving and caring way

Barbara C. Brose


Holistic Practitioner

Assertiveness Coach

Available Treatments
  • Assertiveness Coach

  • Relaxations Methods

  • Guided Imagery

  • Color Therapy

  • Rose and Dolphin Healings

  • Positive Spiritual guidance

  • Chakra Balancing

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