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Although Dolphins and Praying Angel are her favorite subjects.  Barbara also likes to explore different venues of expressing her art. Among them, Goddesses, Landscapes, and some abstract composition. Please continue to enjoy her Creative Arts in this page below.

All Paintings on this page are sizes 16" x 20", prices vary according to the difficulty and the final result of each art piece. If you are interested in purchasing a painting. Kindly contact us via de contact page letting us know your favorite pick. Then click on the "Donations Button". You are also welcome to call us at the below designated phone number. The arte piece will be sent to you within two to three days of purchase to the address you provide us. Thanks so much. Please Enjoy!

Goddesses & Light Beings

"Tree of Life Goddess"
$ 440.00
Goddess of the Moon
$ 380.00
"Silent Prayer"
$ 480.00
"Earth Spirit"
$ 388.00
"Graceful Spirit"
$ 770.00
"Ocean Spirit"
"Lotus Goddess"
$ 480.00
Landscapes and Variety

Ocean Rose Scent

$ 770.00

$ 220.00
 "Sacred Prayers"
Portal to Heaven
$ 330.00
"Peaceful Silence"
$ 480.00 ~ SOLD

"Lotus Hands"

$700.00 ~ SOLD

"Divine Destiny"
$ 480.00 

To purchase an item please click on the 'Buy Now' button above or please call us at (470) 396-5523

We would like to offer you a pleasurable 'First Class' experience and help you receive the art piece that you desire for your home or office, in an easy, comfortable way. Shipping and Handling are included. Thanks so much!

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