Bárbara C. Brose is an Assertiveness Coach and a Holistic Practitioner, a Writer and also an Artist. She was born and raised in Guatemala City, Central America. Her interest in natural medicine began in Germany in a beautiful clinic near the Swiss Alps. She then became further interested when her life took a turn in Los Angeles, CA. where she discovered that her path was to study and learn about Holistic Medicine and its many different modalities, mainly Energy Healing. She became fascinated on healing work and the way it helped many people feel better and heal from several different ailments, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


 Since  then she has taught many meditation courses and classes around the world and had a full practice in Guatemala for over 13 years. She later continued her studies in the US and worked at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.  She has been working with very high and beautiful beings of Light that work through her and has helped many find their true Essence ~ their Divine Inner Peace.

Bárbara C. Brose
 "When you follow the voice of Spirit... Magic begins to happen"

Allow nature to unfold within like a lotus opens its petals towards the  light

© 2018 by Barbara C Brose

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