Healing Sessions

At the beginning of each session we talk about what the issue, situation or circumstance the client would like to address and resolve. Then we talk about it briefly to evaluate the different modalities that can bring healing and relief in a given situation. We look at the different solutions that could bring great benefit and positive outcomes. After the initial talk we do an extensive energy healing session with a guided imagery meditation. 
Every session is channeled and is unique pertaining to the needs of every person. During the relaxation, the aura field is cleared, the Chakra spinning wheels are centered and a message is conveyed to the individual.
I work with very High beings of Light and Dolphin energy healing who assist me in bringing about relief and a feeling of well-being to the client.
Through Light Energy Healing one can experience many shifts and changes that bring about a clearing and a deep sense of Peace. I have learned many different techniques and have brought together a simple, yet very effective method that channels pure Energy Light Source. In the session you will experience a deep sense of calmness, expansion, a sense of well being and tools you can continue working with one your own that will bring greater outcomes and joy into the persons life.
Cost per Session: $ 135.00 ~ Sliding scale available



Meditation Classes

Meditation is one of the most ancient methods of attaining centeredness and deep Peace. Meditation classes are available at an individual basis as well as in groups. The classes offered are simple, easy to achieve and enjoy!
Online Classes: ZOOM online classes will begin Tuesday March 9th 2021.  If you are interested Please register in contacts. Thank you
Cost per class: $ 20.00 suggested donation for groups, Minimum 5 people
Payments for sessions or classes can be done online via Square, Zelle and CashApp. Thank you so much.

Barbara is a gift of Love and Light. The work she does is AMAZING. She is an AMAZING HEALER invest in her treatments, you won’t be disappointed you will feel recharged and very BLESSED plus you’ll want more. ~  T. Brown

Before you worked on me I was in such pain I could not get up. After the session the pain lessened and I was able to get up and walk to go to the rest room. Thank you. E. J.

Give yourself a moment of Healing and Deep Peace

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