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The Inspirational book "Pétalos ~ Petals" is now available on Amazon and/or per this website  for your enjoyment.

If you would like to purchase a signed copy please click on the Donations button below and add your mailing address on the PayPal Link. It is really fun and easy to do. You can also purchase it on Amazon. Thanks so much. 


It is a wonderful book on a compilation of Barbara Brose's own best personal quotes, thoughts, prayers and poems. It takes the reader from beginning to end to find a happier, more fulfilling peaceful way of life. It also includes some of her beautiful and most inspiring art work. It truly is an uplifting and life changing book. You can read reviews on Amazon if you'd like.

Bárbara C. Brose graduated with a B. A. in Writing and a minor in Speech and Public Speaking. Her writings have been published in several newspapers around the globe, The Guatemala News, The Guatemala Post, Spanglish, Prensa Libre a well known newspaper in Guatemala city, the Revue magazine to name a few. 

Cost:  $27.77


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"Reading is a gift for the Soul, a nurturance for the Spirit" 

"The more you read the more knowledgeable you become

and the more in tune you are with your soul's dreams and desires"

© 2018 by Barbara C Brose

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